MSFD Guiding Improvements in the
Black Sea
Integrated Monitoring System


The overall goal of the Project Consortium is to support efforts to protect and restore the environmental quality and sustainability of the Black Sea.


The additional specific objectives of this project are:

  • To improve availability and quality of chemical and biological data to provide for integrated assessments of the Black Sea state of environment, including pressures and impacts (in line with Annex I and III of the MSFD) ;
  • To increase number and size of protected areas in the Black Sea as well as to increase their degree of protection;
  • To enhance stakeholders participation and public awareness on environmental issues.



The project will contribute:


  • To improving regional cooperation and agreements implementation for the protection of the Black Sea, in particular, the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution (the Bucharest Convention), focusing on the alignment of partner countries' policies and strategies sensu MSFD and WFD;
  • To develop a national integrated monitoring programs in line with the MSFD and WFD;
  • To improved research and increase in knowledge on the state of the Black Sea and common understanding of GES toward development of environmental targets in a harmonised approach;
  • To strengthen the capacities of relevant organizations for monitoring (focus on biodiversity, habitats) in the Black Sea (via training and other capacity building measures) taking into consideration the requirements of the MSFD and WFD;
  • To strengthen the capacities of relevant organizations to identify, designate, and manage protected areas;  
  • To develop of new protected areas;
  • To improve stakeholders involvement and public awareness.