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Marine Plants of the Black Sea - An Illustrated Field Guide Author: Nataliya Milchakova

Chapters of this book describe the Black Sea, marine plants growing on the sea floor, commercial use and protection and techniques which are applied to prepare a seaweed herbarium. The most extensive part of the Guide describes 74 macroscopic marine plants which are widespread along the shorelines of the Black Sea and form extensive beds and communities. They belong to the Kindom Plantae (Phylum Chlorophyta, Rhodophyta and Magnoliophyta) and Kindom Chromista (Phylum Heterokontophyta).
The development of an indicative, ecologically coherent network of sub-tidal Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Bulgaria and Romania The report had been developed under the BBI-MATRA Project

The project has been implemented by partnership of EUCC -The Coastal Union in the Netherlands, the Institute of Oceanology to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS), the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa” of Romania and the Black Sea Commission.

Core project team:

Alan Pickaver, EUCC-The Coastal Union
Daniela van Elburg-Velinova, EUCC-The Coastal Union
Valentina Todorova, Insiitute of Oceanology-BAS
Marina Panayotova, Insiitute of Oceanology-BAS
Tania Zaharia, NIMRD „Grigore Antipa”
Dragos Micu, NIMRD „Grigore Antipa”
Violeta Velikova, Black Sea Commission
Manual for Phytoplankton Sampling and Analysis in the Black Sea Authors:
Dr. Snejana Moncheva, Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian      Academy of Sciences
Dr. Bill Parr, UNDP-GEF Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project

This document is intended for use as a guide to harmonize the procedures among the different labs in the Black Sea countries for phytoplankton monitoring. The methods for phytoplankton microscope analysis refer to inverted and light microscope. Methods for analyzing autotrophic picoplankton are not included in this manual.